SavvyFM - Ultimate industry professional modelling development services.  Leading the way for major accountancy firms, banks and other financial institutions

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Savvy Financial Modelling ('SavvyFM') is a financial modelling consultancy based in central London, providing modelling services to global clients.

Our models are typically used for project finance, corporate planning, economic feasibility, bid pricing, M&A deals, forecasting, regression, refinancing, cash flow, budgeting and structured finance.

Recent SavvyFM leadership and thought pieces include modelling technologies for the 2014 PWC Big Data Week conference in Zurich. SavvyFM's Model Risk techniques were further presented at the 2015 World Financial Modelling Championship Global Training Camp (ModelOff) hosted by the Microsoft Product Team.

SavvyFM specialise in building flexible and robust models, management reporting, model audit reviews and training for clients across many industry sectors. We deliver quality financial and business modelling services to help you make better decisions and achieve greater stakeholder value. Whether you are part of the financial, corporate or public sector, our experience will guide you through the complexities involved in your modelling requirements.

Historically key decisions have often been made on intuition; however, in an increasingly complex world, financial and business models are now taking centre stage. SavvyFM specialises in ensuring you are delivered only the finest and most robust models. With this reliable intelligence, what-if analysis, scenario modelling and graphical output is at your fingertips.

Born out of previous experience in the world's leading financial organisations, SavvyFM has learnt that combining your key business experience with our modelling expertise will achieve the greatest results. SavvyFM will always listen closely and discuss your requirements throughout any modelling assignment.

Whether your specific requirement is a complex model for raising finance or a sophisticated corporate planning tool, SavvyFM has the capability to deliver. Our wide range of services from spreadsheet modelling, review work utilising our partnership with the world leading tool ExcelSavvy, application development or even training, can ensure that your organisation will be better positioned for the future.

Four reasons to choose SavvyFM :

    • SavvyFM is a quality outsourced solution for business critical modelling requirements. We deliver 'big 4' financial modelling without the overheads and complex engagement processes.

    • SavvyFM are independent, with no audit relationships. Our focus is the delivery of model consultancy services to our clients.

    • SavvyFM engages with flexibility, efficiency, experience and quality business process. With all our clients we look to give support and assistance on an ongoing basis if necessary.

    • SavvyFM ensures a rigorous development and testing approach to maximize the integrity and robustness of our client's models.